October Update

October Update

October Update

October announcement is a little late but better late than never. This month's updates will be a "spooky" surprise awaiting.

Eggplant Welcome

To continue on with the new members joining the community, we welcome @low color#3313, @Jossilyn#1339, @Tomos#9346, @T_Duffer#5414, @GetEhToesOot#0304, @jacobo#0308, @ABDO(AD)#2312, @Virtual_Entropy#1916, @Blub#4058, @Mattsbr#2915, @delete my facebook#8186, @Lazy#5898, @Ebisu#0002, @CosmicAndScreamCake#5485, @XBadXGeneralX#1506, @HahaRealNice#4271, @Rayz1123#2751, @Donut#5317 and @StrikingFlash#1402. Welcome all to the AMR Community!

eShop and Events

With the announcement of the new events and the eShop last month, I had to delay the update due to having so much on my plate to be able to do updates. I will, however, work on it as soon as I can get some time on my hands and give you an update. I plan to develop this hopefully in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out in the event section.

Long Rod is Now Public

Long Rod Public is now released and able to run your own Long Rod in your own guild. After a few months of development, we've finally released him publicly! With great moderation tools, music bot, prevention measures and feature development in the future, you can add Long Rod to your guild by clicking the link below.

*Make sure that you are signed in as the owner of the guild to add the bot.*

Halloween Special Event

As October is a month of celebration of Halloween, we are having a Halloween event before the big day. The event will stat on Saturday, 27th October at 7pm CEST (6pm GMT), playing games that we all love and playing scary, spooky music from Long Rod himself. We hope you join us for a fun night ahead.



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