November Update

November Update

November Update

From a sp00ky month to a month of bright lights, not much going on this month but keep a look out for the Christmas announcement. Here is what's to come this month:

New Members

We welcome our new members to the community. @Rayz1123#2751, @Donut#5317, @StrikingFlash#1402, @pixelvince#7890, @White Decay#4676, @Its me! Sunny!#0743, @Billybuttton#7965, @, @boboc bobo#9111, @Lithium-Ion Battery#1385, @ARKIE#4723, @magic#5270, @RaresMM#5011, @RRPG#0631, @[TFOG]-TDD#9689 and @Szy#0400. We hope you enjoy this guild as much as we do.

Public Long Rod Progression

Long Rod bot has been all over the Discord the past couple of months and we've seen a lot of activity on multiple guilds. We've had roughly 4,000 members connected across all 12 guilds that include Long Rod and we're happy to see it progress. We are currently setting up bot advertisement this month to get Long Rod starting bigger and we can't wait.

For guild owners who would like to use Long Rod as your guild bot, you can add him by heading over to

What's to Come

This month of a small one but we would like to show you what we're planning for next month's announcements. Some big announcement about our site, the guild and an upcoming event for Christmas. Only one month left until Christmas and hopefully most of us cannot wait for this year to end and to start a new year.



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