New Website Has Finally Launched!

New Website Has Finally Launched!

New Website Has Finally Launched!

After a good few months of planning and hard-working fingers, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new community website and to be able to showcase it to you guys!

We wanted to connect with the community and be able to discuss and make the community a great place to chat to other users who want to chat and to play game with. With our new site launched there is now another medium to interact with other users and share your hobbies, games and to discuss your interests to the community. We wanted to better collaborate with the community to improve the place that we love and passion we have with you.

You will be able to post discussions to the site about whatever you wish to discuss with the community and be able to see how your new friends are doing. With our community events already ongoing, you will receive points and tokens with the activities you join and purchase items and cool stuff from the store* and see the commands of the Discord server easily on our site.

We hope you like the design and the site as a whole to improve the community and get it active as much as we can. We will be continuing the development of this site in months to come with new features and interesting giveaways and events.

You can improve the site by heading over to the feedback page ( and help make this community the best community on not only Discord but the wide web.


  • Mattizhea year ago

    First! *I had to

  • Mitcha year ago

    Looks awesome! :D

  • Red_a year ago

    (2 Days late I know but) Well done on all the hard work guys, site looks so good even in the early stages, can't wait to see where it goes