December Update

December Update

December Update

Merry Christmas guys! It's December and it's getting festive in the server! This will be a big update coming so hold your breath and prepare yourself for a festive season ahead!

Last time this year!

For the last time this year, we would like to welcome all of our members who joined in November. Thank you to @TGA, @TheLSpike, @Konvotius, @houbou98, @Elton, @Bunny, @Wooks, @Sprizit, and @Jacob for joining. We welcome you to AMR!

It's Christmaaass!

As you've noticed, Actually Mediocre Ridiculous has changed to mark Christmas and we like to be festive this time of year! First of all, we have updated the site and the Discord guild to make it look festive and to feel like Christmas. And secondly, we have an Advent Calendar on our official site which different goodies and updates along the way for every single day. You can have a look and open the advent calendar doors by following the site below:

Advent Calendar

If you sign in to your Discord account, you will be able to save the advent calendar doors to show that you have opened that door. Each door can be opened at 12 am CEST so check back every day to see what's behind the next calendar door.

Surprises, surprises, and more surprises!

There will be more to come following the new advent calendar and the events that have been released this month so you will hope to expect more upcoming events and announcements shortly.

From all of us from Actually Mediocre Ridiculous, we hope you have a great Christmas!


  • Amtastica year ago

    It's beginning to look a lot like good graphic designnn

  • Mattizhe10 months ago

    Ah, it could have been better.