Rocket League Community Montage Submissions

Rocket League Community Montage Submissions

Rocket League Community Montage Submissions

Rocket League has been the main part of our community right from the start. It's also the game that the founders of Actually Mediocre Ridiculous met for the first time. Without Rocket League, Actually Mediocre Ridiculous wouldn't have existed. This is why we continuing with the motion and our devotion to giving you a chance to join us and to be part of the community.

On the 30th September 2017, we announced our first Rocket League montage on YouTube to show what we can do in that era. We didn't get much love as we hoped but it was a game that we were passionate about and wanted to show our love to the game. For anyone who hasn't watched our first Rocket League Montage, below is that said video.

Today, we are going for another run with a new Rocket League Montage, and this time we hope it's going to be a big one! We're giving you a chance to feature your shots, saves and plays in our community montage that we will be creating very soon, but we need your help to supply us with your clips.

How Do I Submit My Clip Over?

All clips can be collected as a ".zip" or ".rar" file, and submit the compressed file to @Mattizhe#1993. Please make sure that these are ".replay" files that you are uploading and not video clips such as ".mp4" files as we need these for cinematic purposes... and to make the montage look extra cool once it goes out. You will also need to collate information about each replay such as game time(s) featured, player name(s) that were included in the feature, and what type of shot(s) is featured in the replay. Without this information, we cannot determine which shot you're referring to.

Any Deadlines?

You have until March 22nd, 2019 to send in your clips. Any clips after the deadline may or may not be counted.

We hope you can join us in our community Rocket League montage and if so, we hope you have awesome clips for us to showcase in our new video. We wish you the best of luck with those shots!


  • Cyriusa year ago

    Look mom another montage!

  • Mattizhea year ago

    Ey, gonna be a good one , I can feel it :D