AMR's 2nd Birthday

AMR's 2nd Birthday

AMR's 2nd Birthday

Our second birthday is coming ever closer with Actually Mediocre Ridiculous, and we want to celebrate that special occasion as much as possible with you guys.

On the 8th of May, we will be celebrating our second birthday by giving away points and tokens. We're also starting giveaways to celebrate the special occasion with games or currency. You will also be able to celebrate by typing !birthday, to get birthday tokens and a special message from all of us at Actually Mediocre Ridiculous! We want to appreciate everyone in this Discord guild and this day is no exception.

We are also planning an event on the 11th/12th May at 8pm CEST in the Events Voice Chat by playing games and chill out to celebrate our second birthday. We will try to play as many games as we can and also chill out with friends and members in the guild. We will also remind you in the #general channel when the time hits.

We like to say a massive thank you to our members who have stayed with us from the very start until now. You've made this community and we wouldn't be here without you so thank you to each and every one of you. We hope to make our next birthday year a big one!



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