Giveaway: Gamescom 2018

Giveaway: Gamescom 2018

Event posted on 17/7/2018

Gamescom 2018

Gamescom is here with a ton of games, conferences, cosplay, meet-ups and more in Köln, Germany, which is why we want to celebrate the event by giving 2 lucky members with prizes of their choice. We are giving away 2 online, redeemable gift card of your favourite platform, whether it is Steam, Xbox, PlayStation worth up to €10*.

But how do I enter to win?

It's really easy and simple to win in the giveaways and there are two ways that you can secure your enter to the giveaway:

1) To enter using the site, you can enter by clicking the "Enter Giveaway" button and you will be automatically entered into the giveaway.

2) If you are in the Discord server, (and you really should be), you can head over to #giveaways and clicking the party horn to enter the giveaway.

If you enter on the site and on the Discord server, you will have 2 entries to the giveaway to give you a bigger chance of winning.

Is there a requirement for this giveaway?

Yes, we are starting to add requirements for the giveaway so we can active members more chances of winning the giveaways in the future. To enter this giveaway, you must have entered 50 messages in any channel on our Discord server to be able to be entitled for the giveaway.

When is the draw?

We will end the giveaway at the end of this month, 30th August 2018. After this day, we will post proof of verification that we have picked from random and announce it on both Discord server and on our site.

Good Luck!

* Gift card will also convert into your own country's currency.

This giveaway has requirements that must be met before submitting your entry to the giveaway:

- 50 messages in any channel on the Discord server.

Any enteries that do not meet the requirements will be removed from the giveaway entry and re-rolled.

25 members entered the giveaway