Long Rod (Your personal bot) has features up his metal mechanical sleeve that enhances the Discord server and makes the community interactive and fun to use. We're improving the way we use our bot and we will add more features to follow. Here are a list of all the commands that Long Rod can perform:

@everyone Commands

Anyone can enter these commands after joining the Discord server. These command can be typed on any channel and can be used at any time.

Name Command Description
Help !help Long Rod will send you a direct care package to you with help.
Tokens !tokens Show off how many tokens you have to spend in the shop later.
Points !points Show off how many points you have on your account to gloat on the server.
Gif Reactor !gif <tags>
!g <tags>
Reply to others peasent's message with a cool gif, thanks to GIPHY.
National Day !nationalday
Find out what todays national day is in the world.
Ask !ask Sometimes, you want to ask Long Rod. He's a friendly companion, you know?
Music Bot !musicbot
How does the music bot work? Entering this will let you know.
More to follow soon...

Music Bot Commands

Music is the joy of life, that's why we have Long Rod playing music in our Discord server that allows you to play your own awesome tracks to share. These commands are executable through #music and #longrod-sandbox channels only.

Name Command Description
Help !musicbot
How does the music bot work? Entering this will let you know.
Queue !musicbot queue <YT Link>
!mb queue <YT Link>
Make Long Rod play the theme from MLP.. or any song you desire from YouTube.
(Must be in Music Voice Channel)
Skip !musicbot skip
!mb skip
Don't want to hear your awesome song you queued? Pity, it was awesome.
(Must be in Music Voice Channel)
Playing !musicbot playing
!mb playing
You need to know what awesome bytes Long Rod is encoding before it finishes!
(Must be in Music Voice Channel)

Specific Channel Commands

Certain channels have set-commands and these commands are only executable in specific channels. @everyone can use these commands at any time.

Name Command Channels Description
Colours Add !red
#choose-your-colour Bling Bling your name to fit your playing style or group with the team colour. Go Multi-colours!
Colours Remove !remove #choose-your-colour Don't want to be in Red team? Or Blue? Or Blurple? Or... you know the score.
Suggest an Idea !suggest <Suggestion> #community-ideas Want to help improve the community? Send some ideas to us and we may implement it and put your name on it!