We are Actually Mediocre Ridiculous

We are Actually Mediocre Ridiculous! A smol-growing, unique online community/hub to discuss, share, make friends and play games with others all around the globe on either on AMR's Discord Server or on our website. We are passionate about bringing fellow gamers together to game, to enjoy similar games with others, and to make gamers feel truly at home.

Friendliest Community

No salt here, we are an extremely friendly community that you will always love and to keep you engaged with the chat.

Growing Community

Giving all our users something to be in the community and to grow the community with events and insiring new users to join.

Fun & Clever Bots

With our never-ending developments with our companion, Long Rod, there are never-ending, non-stop fun with point & tokens to collect.

Events & Giveaways

From points and tokens to Steam games. We love to engage with the community to create events and giveaways.

Anime, Gaming, Music

Either you love your watching anime, slaughtering your foes in games, or listening to your jazz, we have everything for your needs.

Make Brand New Friends

Our mission is to make your make new friends that have similar tastes in what you enjoy and to bring happiness to your inner self.